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COVID-19 procedures

What changes did COVID-19 bring to the clinic?
The minimum amount of time you can book ahead is now 12 hours so there will be no more last minute appointments. When you get your confirmation email, please read it.  You will get a reminder email/text one day before your appointment.  In it is a link to complete a short questionnaire – it must be completed by 8 p.m..
We insist that everyone wears a mask from the time they enter the clinic until the have left the building.  If you arrive without wearing one, your Therapist will provide a disposable one for you for a fee. Masks with valves or made of stretchy material are not protective so you will be asked to swap that mask for a surgical mask.  You will be asked to use hand sanitizer immediately as well. 
You must reschedule your appointment if:
– you work in a non medical setting that has has an outbreak in the last 14 days
– you have left Canada
– you have been through ANY airport
– been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 without proper ppe in the last 14 days
– have tested positive for COVID-19 (without a negative follow up test)
– you feel unwell for any reason (you must reschedule your appointment for 14 days after you have no symptoms or after you have received a negative covid test result)

These are public health rules, not our’s.

No one is to come with you to your massage appointment. Please use the bathroom before arriving. Payment details have also changed – please read your reminder email.

Your RMT will be wearing a surgical mask while in the room for your treatment.  You will notice screens on the desks and social distancing signs, the chairs have been replaced and the water dispenser has been removed. Hand sanitizer is in every room. All rooms have a basket on the chair for your belongings (including phone, keys, purse/wallet and clothing). We have moved to more contactless payments.  Direct billing will continue but other payments will now be by e-transfer.
As always, the linens are changed between clients and bleached in the laundry. High touch surfaces such as door knobs and railings are disinfected several times a day.

Safety is our highest priority at An Essential Knead for clients and RMTs.  While we are doing everything we possibly can to minimize the risk of contact, if you or anyone in your house is at high risk, please consider staying home.