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COVID-19 procedures

What changes did COVID-19 bring to the clinic?

I am not currently accepting new clients. For November & December 2021 I will only be accepting appointments from people I have seen recently (roughly since January 2019)

The minimum amount of time you can book ahead is now 24 hours.  Last minute appointments are a thing of the past. You will get a reminder email/text one day before your appointment. Important protocols and a link to complete a short required questionnaire are included – it must be completed by 8 p.m..
I insist that everyone wears a mask from the time they enter the clinic until they have left the building, no exceptions. If you arrive without wearing one, a disposable one will be provided for you for a fee. Masks with valves or made of stretchy material are not protective and not allowed.  You will be asked to use hand sanitizer immediately as well. 
 Reschedule your appointment if you:
– work in a non medical setting that has has an outbreak in the last 14 days
– left Canada in the last 14 days*
– been in contact with an international traveller in the last 14 days*
– were in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 without proper ppe in the last 14 days
– anyone in your household has is currently isolating
– have tested positive for COVID-19 (without a negative follow up test and been cleared by Public Health)
– you feel unwell for any reason
(* more details are in the required covid screening form that must be filled out the day before your appointment)

You must reschedule your appointment for 14 days after you have no symptoms or have improving symptoms after you have received a negative covid test result

Do not bring anyone with you to your appointment (support person excepted). Please use the bathroom before arriving. Payment details have also changed – please read your reminder email.

I must wear a surgical mask while in the room for your treatment and I also wear a face shield.  You will notice social distancing signs. Hand sanitizer is in the treatment room. The treatment room has a basket on the chair for your belongings (including phone, keys, purse/wallet and clothing). More contactless payments are encouraged – direct billing continues, but deductibles and other payments will now be by e-transfer. Debit is available if needed.
As always, the linens are changed between clients and bleached in the laundry. High touch surfaces such as door knobs are disinfected several times a day within my clinic space.

Safety is my highest priority at An Essential Knead for clients and myself.  While I do continue to do everything possible to minimize the risk of contact, if you or anyone in your house is at high risk, please consider staying home.

My benefits have run out, can I use my partner’s benefits?

Yes, if you are on your partner’s plan, you can use their benefits. The way insurance works is that you must use up your benefits first and then your partner’s plan kicks in. If you have a deductible on your plan, you can submit the unpaid portion to their plan for reimbursement.

What you may not do is ask me to submit a claim, or give you a receipt under your partner’s name for your visit – that is insurance fraud. All visits must be billed under the person’s name who was treated on the date of the visit.

Do my benefits cover Massage Therapy?

Insurance benefits that cover Massage Therapy must have treatment by an RMT, in other words, a Registered Massage Therapist. I have been an RMT for 20 years.
I can direct bill to over 20 insurance companies with some restrictions.  Please see the complete list on this page

Details on gift certificates

Massage Therapy gift certificates are no longer offered.

All previously purchased gift certificates have now expired, they had one year to use them.  Any gift certificates that were due to expire while we were closed in the spring of 2020 were given a 3 month extension at that time.