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Massage Therapy That Works!

Our Massage Therapy treatments are provided by Registered Massage Therapists (RMT).

You can submit the receipt from this session for reimbursement or we may be able to bill directly if you have benefits through your/your spouse’s employer, (see FAQs).

Massage Therapy in Kitchener Waterloo

How long should you book your appointment for?

That depends. Typically we recommend booking your appointment based on the number of areas you want the Therapist to cover. For example, if you want a full-body massage then a minimum of 45 minutes is suggested, preferably an hour. To illustrate, a full body massage can be done in a half hour but no specific work can be done on any problem areas. However, if you only want work on your back, then a half hour would be enough time. 

All appointments are booked online by clicking the link below.  As of June 1st we are not accepting new clients. Specifically, watch our social media for an announcement of that changing.

Rates effective June 01, 2020 (incl HST):

30 min – $52  
45 min – $73  
60 min – $89
90 min – $145

Granted the rates have changed, it is not as a result of COVID-19 but was scheduled to happen.

Appointments are available during the daytime, evening and Saturdays.
At the same time, same day appointments are no longer available due to the required covid screening process.

Please note that any appointment booked with us is reserved just for you.
Our cancellation policy requires a minimum of 24 hours notice to change or cancel any appointment. Without proper notice, or in particular if you fail to come to your appointment the full fee of the scheduled appointment will apply.