Appointments available
Monday - Saturday, daytime and evenings
For bookings before November 1st... online appointment booking
For bookings after Oct 31st...

181 Highland Rd. East
Kitchener, On N2M 3W1
7-100 Highland Road West
Phone: 519.570.0444
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How to book online...

*** two systems are being used depending on the day you want to book ***

For appointments November 1st, 2018 and later you will be using ClinicSense and this is how to book:
* click the appropriate button on the left of the screen
* choose the appointment you would like to book from the list
         - new clients to An Essential Knead should choose one of the "Initial Visit" appointments
         - if you have already visited any Therapist at An Essential Knead then do not choose any of the "Initial Visit" appointments
* click the blue "Book Now" button
* confirm the appointment you want to book (fees shown do not include HST that will be charged)
* open the drop down "Select a Practitioner"
         - if you know which Therapist you want to see then select their name from the list
         - if you do not have a preference, choose "First available" to see many choices
* select a day you are interested in
* the program will show you the first available appointment for that day.  You may choose it of course but if you would like to see other availabilities, click ’show other times’ and pick one that works for you
* if your email address is already in this system choose ’returning client’; if you are newly booking using this system, choose ’new client’ and fill out all of the fields

Add to your safe sender list.  You need to read the entire email the comes to you after book an appointment.

If booking an appointment through the end of October, this is how:

First, click "Book your massage here!" on any of the pages, choose Massage Therapy or Massage Therapy for pregnancy or Massage Therapy for under age 16 (for children)  and then pick the length of appointment you would like to book.  If this is your first visit to our clinic, please choose from the "First Visit" choices.  We do not offer 30 minute visits for the first time.

Next highlight a Therapist, if you know.  If you don’t know who you would like to see, pick ‘no preference’ and a Therapist will be randomly selected from those that are available at the time you will choose.  (To see more details on each Therapist and their respective hours, please see the "About Us" page on this site)

Then choose a day – all availabilities for that entire week will be displayed not just the day you chose (if you’re viewing on a laptop; mobile will show the day chosen only).  Choose a time.

The program will now summarize what you have selected so far.  You will be asked a mandatory question to confirm that you will read the entire email you will receive after booking your appointment.  If you are pregnant, please also enter your due date.  If it is for your child, please enter their age.

You will now be asked to create an account if you don’t already have one or enter your email and password.

Your account can be used to view upcoming appointments and reschedule or cancel upcoming appointments (up to 24 hours in before the time or charges may apply).

Please add to your safe email senders list to ensure you receive all communication!

As always, you can call the office (leave a message after 5:00 p.m. or on weekends) to book an appointment but you can’t reach a Therapist directly by phone so please email with any questions (under "Contact Us").